Complete Module 1 for Python class

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Module 1 Familiarize the student with the basic methods offered by Python of formatting and outputting data, together with the primary kinds of data and numerical operators, their mutual relationships and binding. Introduce the concept of variables and variable naming conventions. Present the assignment operator, along with the rules governing the building of expressions. Introduce the inputting and converting of data.

This is a reference from Quora regarding Python Demand in pakistan in 2019

Python as a language has a lot of scope in Pakistan, I have seen many systems that are using Python. Most service providing companies who get work from foreign countries hire Python developers.

But thats not all, for research and development in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Python is widely used. So if you want to pursue these fields go ahead and choose Python.

And don't worry a lot about languages you must learn Object Oriented and Structured programming, if you know these you can almost go for any language. In my case I have used 23 languages for different purposes.