Complete this Quiz on Privacy and Data Protection for your Interview

CyberSecurity and Data Privacy are converging. It matters for companies in pakistan

2019 has been the year of privacy.  We have a breach of privacy with Facebook passwords leakage. Privacy issues with the data will dominate in 2019 and organizations will demand more people with expertise in data protection.

Now we see a convergence of Cybersecurity with Data Privacy. This is due to the rise of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning

The threat of unauthorized access to our data is posing the biggest danger to our digital life. Organizations are worried deeply about intruders attempting to get private data of customers. Before, privacy used to take a backseat in Network security.

Taking all this into account, it is important for all Cybersecurity students to complete this section and be able to answer questions about Data Privacy during job interviews and screening processes for employment in this area.

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