Pycon event will be held in Lahore in 2019

Demand growing for python in Pakistan

Here is the information about Pycon event from their site

Pycon site

Pakistan’s burgeoning Python community is gearing up to organize its first-ever PyCon event In Lahore
where local and international Python professionals will gather to learn, explore, share their experience of working with the language.

Explore Python

Increasing participants’ exposure to Python

Make an impact

A platform to discuss how technology can be used for greater social impact

Meet the experts

A great opportunity to meet with and learn from engaging speakers, technologists and entrepreneurs

Python is the world’s fastest growing language according to IEEE Spectrum and is poised to shape some of the next big revolutions in technology--in fact, by 2020 demand for data scientists will rise by 28%. But data science is only scratching the surface of what Python can do, with its inherent suitability for artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and more. We want Pakistan’s tech industry to be on the cutting edge of this incoming wave instead of struggling to catch up, hobbled by massive knowledge gaps and over-reliance on outdated technologies.