The rising demand for trained and experienced cybersecurity operations professionals

CTTC Launches CCNA Cyber Ops first time in Pakistan

Industry studies show that the average time to detect a cybersecurity breach, rather than in days or weeks, is measured in months. The number and cost of security breaches continue to rise, as do regulatory penalties for organizations suffering a data breach. Facing mounting challenges from cybercrime, cyberespionage, insider threats, and advanced persistent threats, organizations are establishing security operation center teams of security professionals who can monitor, detect, analyze, and respond rapidly to protect systems from cybersecurity risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. Because static security controls cannot catch 100 percent of cybersecurity threats and issues, SOC teams play a critical role in an organization’s protection. With the increasing number of cybersecurity-related jobs, organizations continue to struggle with finding or developing cybersecurity talent, and are paying a premium for qualified individuals who can fill those roles. Cybersecurity is among the top 10 technology trends impacting hiring in the IT industry (1). The CCNA Cyber Ops certification program provides a valuable first step in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to work with a SOC team, and can be a valuable part of beginning a career in the exciting and in-demand field of cybersecurity operations.

Complete data sheet for CCNA Cyber Ops

CTTC is Launching CCNA Cyber ops on May 25 .The outline is as follows

Training outline

Network Concepts

Security Concepts


Host-based Security Analysis

Security Monitoring

Attack Methods

Endpoint Threat Analysis

Computer Forensics

Network Intrusion Analysis

Incident Response

Data and Event Analysis

Incident Handling

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